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Meet the versatile and dependable Tohatsu 90 hp four stroke outboard. In-line 4 cylinder SOHC delivers exceptional torque and power, while still weighing in at only 359 pounds, which makes the BFT 90 hp one of the lightest motors in its class. The convenience is even built right into the engine with the built-in freshwater flushing system, for easy routine flushing. To protect against corrosion, the BFT 90 hp has a “Double Sealed” multi-layered paint process, sacrificial anodes and stainless steel technology, along with waterproof connectors, all of which work to enhance your motor’s corrosion protection. Reliability and durability come standard on this high-power, proven-technology four stroke outboard engine.


Weight*                   Shaft Length                     Starting       

  366 lbs                               20", 25"                                Electric 

* Weight specification is based on the lightest version.

Tohatsu 90 hp 4-Stroke Benefits
  • Dual stage induction for improved performance

  • Variable valve timing and lift control

  • Boosted low speed torque helps to deliver an exceptional hole shot

  • Lean burn control for better fuel economy at cruising speeds

  • 3-way cooling system to help protect against overheating

  • A crankshaft-driven trochoid oil pump ensures long-term durability of critical engine components

  • Multi-port programmed fuel injection delivers the precise amount of fuel/air to each cylinder

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